Woolly Winter Warmers

Woolly Winter Warmers

A thick woollen sweater is an essential element in any gentleman’s wardrobe. Whether it’s for wrapping up warm in the comfort of your own home or for protection against the sharp, icy winds, the sweater is an all round crucial item that all men will become thankful for. There are three main styles of sweater that will help to keep you warm and toasty; these consist of The Irish Aran, The British Army and the Fleur De Lys sweater.

The Irish Aran is one of the oldest forms of sweater and there are a number of different patterns that are all identifiable to be traditional Aran designs. Such as the Zigzag pattern, this signifies the coastline that the fisherman wishes to return to. Another example is the diamond pattern, this represents success and prosperity. Overall the Irish Aran is perfect for the cold, British weather.

The British Army sweater is manufactured to include a strong rib pattern with suede trimming on the shoulders and elbows; however this can also be created with cotton to allow a better wash. This sweater is a very popular choice for Gentlemen that enjoy spending a great deal of time outdoors.

Finally the Fleur De Lys, this is a typical winter sweater that is created in a number of different colour combinations. Such as white lilies displayed on a blue/ green or red background; the lilies portray a form of nobility despite the all round informal nature of the sweater.

Overall each of these styles of sweaters will help protect you against the chills and keep you warm during these colder seasons. 

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