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Welcome to the home of the UK's only sustainable, weave-to-wear menswear brand.

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All our suits are woven, designed and tailored in the same place - Huddersfield. We call this process weave-to-wear and we are proud to be the only suit maker in the UK that does this. We employ skilled local people with decades of expertise to ensure each piece of cloth and every suit is of the highest quality.

Sustainable Process

We believe we have one of the most sustainable suits in the UK. Many suits, even those measured in the UK, are shipped overseas to be made. From weaving and designing to tailoring, At Antich Fine English Tailors our suits travel less than two miles. You could literally walk the journey - in fact, you're welcome to arrange a visit to see your suit being made.

Handmade British Quality

Huddersfield is the home to the world's finest worsted cloth. For decades we have been weaving for some of the world's biggest brands and best-known tailors. Today we put that same skill and expertise into our own Antich Fine English Tailors suits.


The Antich Range

Woven, designed and tailored in one location.

If you care about where your suit is made, by whom and the impact on the environment, then you have come to the right place.

We are the UK's only weave-to-wear suit maker.

We weave the cloth and make your perfectly tailored suit in one location - Huddersfield - home to the world's finest cloth.

All our suits are made from 100% wool.

Our process is eco-friendly from start to finish meaning your Antich suit is amongst the most environmentally friendly in the world.

Everything from the fabric to the fit is superb. I come from Yorkshire and to know my suit was made there makes it more special

Tim Williamson