Folding a Shirt: A Guide to Expert Presentation

Folding a Shirt: A Guide to Expert Presentation

The English Gentleman's Guide

The modern shirt has a long history, though its present form only began to take shape at the end of the nineteenth century. Folding a shirt can be seen as an art, and gentlemen must master this in order to portray elegance.

Step 1

Once a shirt has been ironed, our recommendation is to let it cool for half an hour. Then button it up carefully and lay it with the front side down on a flat surface.

Step 2

Next, fold over one half. We recommend that you should fold it over about halfway along the shoulder however this depends on the size you wish the folded shirt to be.

Step 3

Then fold the sleeve downward. If the shirt has double cuffs, turn the cuff flat on its side.

Step 4

Now fold the other half over. Make sure that the fold runs down from the shoulder at right angles to it.

Step 5

Fold the second sleeve in. The shirt should now be a long rectangle. It should not get narrower at the bottom.

Step 6

Turn the lower part of the shirt over the cuffs. Fold the shirt so that the bottom hem of the shirt touches the collar.

Step 7

Turn the shirt over and store in a set of drawers.

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