"Always check the label."

Truly Made In England

If you care about where your suit is made and who it is made by, then you are not alone. We are incredibly passionate about things being made in England and we have no problem calling people out if they say their clothes are made in England when they are not.

Unfortunately there are many charlatans in the fashion world that promote their clothes as made in the UK and fly the flag for Britishness, when they actually get their clothes made overseas. This has to stop.

Our advice... always check the label. 

Weave To Wear

We're proud of our local region, that's why we have invested heavily in our community.

We employ local people, using the best tailoring talent to produce high-quality garments. We have invested heavily in machinery and our premises in a bid to continue the century's long tradition of weaving the finest cloth in Huddersfield.

The entire process, from weaving the cloth to wearing the finished suit is done within a two mile radius in Huddersfield.


We take our commitment to the environment seriously. So much so, that we believe our suits are amongst the most sustainable in the world. From the moment the yarn enters our state-of-the art factory, to you leaving with your bespoke suit, carbon emissions are kept to a minimum.

We never ship your suit overseas. In fact, the only time the cloth leaves our factory is to be finished at a factory two miles down the road in Huddersfield.

No other company in the UK can do this – and we're very proud that we are the only tailor able to provide this service.

To check where yours is made, ask your tailor.