Sustainability and Ethical Practice Code

The journey towards sustainable and ethical manufacturing is constantly evolving, with new standards and certifications appearing every day. 

Sustainability Promise

We are proud to say that sustainable practice is very much part of our DNA here at Antich Fine English Tailors, a part of our identity before legislation and certification began to challenge manufacturers and retailers around the world.

Finding ways to improve something we do or a process we undertake occurs daily, with the aim of making it better for our environment, our community, and our economy. As developments and advances occur within production, recyclability, and productivity, we promise that we will continuously seek ways to advance further.  

Our current actions:

  • Seek out the most sustainable, environmentally conscious option available to us.
  • Where possible, all elements of the garment and packaging is Made in England. Equally, anyone we affiliate with should also live by this standard.
  • All our Antich Fine English Tailor branded suits, including bespoke and personal tailoring are made in-house, in Huddersfield. Our showroom is 40 footsteps from our garment production suite. 
  • No carbon footprint from airmiles or transport until it leaves with you or for you.
  • All our employees live within the local area. A true family-owned and community-based company.
  • Every staff member is paid the UK living wage or above.
  • We recycle and re-use as much as possible.
  • We support and work with local charities.
  • Electric company cars and charging points.
  • We adhere to the audit parameters set out by RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) on behalf of our wool farmers.
  • 50% renewable energy. Planning is also in progress to install solar panels on our roof, with the aim for 100% renewable energy by 2025.

Our suits have been developed with thought – to extend their life, accommodate as many shapes and sizes as possible, and offer multibuy and replacement options; to include:

  • A generous seam allowance to allow alterations up and down by up to 2”. 
  • Available as separates, as we understand not every gentleman has a 6” drop from chest to waist, as well as giving an option for multiple trousers and a waistcoat option should you want one today or next year.
  • Extended unhemmed trouser length - 38” in our long length trousers. 
  • The ability to place a personalised order if our standard sizes still don’t accommodate you.