How to Keep Your Suit Perfect

So you've just bought your new wool suit, but you aren't quite sure how to keep it in pristine condition. We want to help keep your garment looking great, so that it can serve you for many years to come. Follow these five simple steps;


  1. Airing- Hang your suit up after each time you wear it. Let it rest and air, which will ensure that it doesn't smell
  2. Steaming- Steam your garment to knock any creases out of it and help to remove light stains. Do not iron it however, as this makes the wool fibres go shiny and will ruin the crisp look
  3. Brushing- To help increase the lifespan of your wool garment, brushing helps elimate any fine debris that can be held in the fibres of the wool. Brush in smooth, downward strokes whilst the suit is hanging up
  4. Dry Cleaning- Dry clean your suit infrequently. Chemicals used in the dry cleaning process can cause damage to the fibres. Ensure that you are following all of the above steps as required to care for it.
  5. Moths- Use a cedar hanger as this is said to be a good moth repellent. A hanger such as this will also keep the shape of the shoulders.